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Welcome to The Clubhouse at Tri-Village Christian Church and The Second Story (4th & 5th graders upstairs). You can access all of the awesome material that you would find at church right here! Here is how you can enjoy these video lessons and use their message as a family for the week.

BLOCK PARTY: Everyone's Invited
THIS WEEK: September 27, 2020
Bible Story- "I'll Be There for You": Jesus Forgives Peter
John 21:1-19
Today's Key Question-

How Do You React When a Friend Hurts You?

Today's Bottom LIne-

Friends Forgive One Another

Monthly Basic Truth-

I Should Treat Others the Way I Want to Be Treated

Monthly LIfe App-


...is using your words and actions to show others you care...

Monthly Memory Verse-

"A Friend loves at all time. They are there to help when trouble comes." Proverbs 17:17

As a Family Give These a Try-

Drive Time- 

Plan a time when you will be close to a friends house and drop something special off for them! You can write a card, make a special treat, or give them a special toy you know they will like. This is a great way to show you care.

Discuss This Together- 

Have you ever had to forgive a friend? What happened? 

Have you ever had to ask for forgiveness from a friend? How did it feel?

How can you show forgiveness to a friend beyond just accepting their apology?

What do you do when you forgive a friend but they keep hurting you in the same way? (you can forgive, while also remembering Week one's lesson: choose your friends carefully. If someone keeps showing you that they're not a good friend, or are bad for you, you can choose wisely about the time you spend with them. BUT we should always offer forgiveness.)

Pray: "Heavenly Father, please, help us extend the same kind of forgiveness that You offer to our friends because friends forgive one another. Help us also have the courage to ask for forgiveness. Amen"

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Elementary Songs
Can't Stop Won't Stop
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